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Sara Hadskey

Lonvis 8-24cm 3D Moon lamp with Touch Sensor function and USB charging the Christmas Gift Color Changing Lunar Lights

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Product Description
Product Features
Moon Shape
*Material Type
*Dimension information
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    • Waterproof material

High quality zipper
  • Built-in double bladder

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Company Introduction
LONVIS, founded in 2012, is focusing on the development and manufacturing of home decoration lamps, with a current annual production capacity of 1 million rechargeable night lights. The products are in compliance with FCC, CE and other related qualifications and being sold in dozens of countries and regions around the world.   By the time we advance our product line, with innovation and our technical resources we are able to develop new products. Our strategy is to keep the circle of “Development -Production- Sales and after sales service” continuously ongoing. For our permanent improvement of our performance we strictly analyze our customer’s feedback. We are open for your ideas and be able to develop and manufacture customized designs, please send us your wishes, sketches or concept and we will follow up on this. We love life, understand life, and appreciate life; we like to transform interesting life elements into creative symbols, design into novel products, embellish life with products, bring more fun to life, and deeply interpret people's beauty and creativity.   The pursuit, focus, professionalism and continuous innovation are based on the creation of global brands in the home lighting industry!   Be assured you will sell the most popular products in your region, supported by our sharp market perspective. We look forward to working with you, to create greater value together!

Our Services & Strength

Core Strengths: Powerful R&D Team, Reliable Quality, Positive Brand Reputation, Competitive Price, Strong Post-sale Support.
1) Can you provide DAP air express shipping?-->>yes
2) Can you provide DAP air standard shipping?-->>yes
3) Can you provide sea/rail DDP shipping?-->>yes
4) Can you increase the battery duration?-->> Yes, there are two ways to increase battery life; first, reduce the output current;
second, use a battery with a larger capacity.
5) Can you manufacture a new design for us if we give the drawing?-->>Yes, our company has professional product developers. At the
same time, there are also a large number of suppliers who can provide a series of services from product design and development to
production and delivery according to customer requirements.
6) Are you the manufacturer or trader?-->>manufacturer
7) Do you have a recent CE and RoHS marking certification for this product?-->>All our products will be certified (including CE
and RoHS)
8) Can you help with making a better offer/product than the competition?-->>The price of the product is controlled by product
quality and other requirements.It is meaningless to simply compare the price. We can provide customers with a series of services
from design to production, and also have the ability to control and reduce costs from the supply chain. We are committed to
providing customers with cost-effective products .
9) What about after-sales service? What is your policy regarding that?-->>Warranty 12 months. Customers are required to provide
video evidence of each defective product, and new products will be reissued when the customer release the next orders.
10) Can you compensate in monetary value if you ship the products later than promised?-->>For production, we have improved the
production process and schedule. We will strictly in accordance with the customer's time requirements for production.
11) If pre-shipment inspection says the batch is not good, can you then pay for the second inspection after the batch has been

12) What is your policy if the batch is not according to requirements/purchase order?-->>When time permits, we will re-produce
products that meet the requirements for our customers
13) Can you promise the same quality for each batch?-->>We adhere to the principle of quality first. Every product and every batch
of production will set strict production standards, and every batch will implement unified standards for production.
14) Can you arrange a favorabable just-on-time shipping method/inventory management for us?-->>We will provide customers with
reasonable production and shipment suggestions based on their shipments
15) Can I pay 70% before shipment and the rest 30% after receiving the goods and confirming that the batch is good?-->>We
temporarily do not accept this payment method. But we are very happy to cooperate with the customer's third-party quality
inspection personnel to inspect the products. Make the final payment after ensuring that the goods meet customer requirements.
16) Any tips for us?-->>
It is recommended that customers take the size of 15cm, and the control method is recommended to take: three-color or 16-color
remote control.
15cm has the highest reorder rate, it is the size of the market favored. The pat function is more convenient to use than touch,
and the 16-colour remote control mainly sells the remote control functions and light colour types
17) Can you arrange product-photography in China?-->>yes
18) Anything I should be careful of?-->>PLA material lights, attention drop resistance. Try to avoid using while charging
19) Can I pay 30% before production and 70% after inspection in China?-->>Yes
20) What is the lead time? Does the lead time change substantially?-->>We will strictly follow the customer's time requirements
for production scheduling.